Keep Your Boat in Excellent Condition

Rely on us for boat repairs and maintenance in Willis, TX

Every boat owner knows how important regular maintenance is. When it's time to get full-service maintenance or boat repairs for your boat, turn to the pros at Conroe Marine. We'll take care of everything from spark plug replacements to changing the oil for your boat.

Whether you keep your boat at our home or at a dock, we can come to you in or around Willis, TX. We recommend getting full-service maintenance for your vessel every two years to keep it in the best condition. Contact us today to book services for your boat.

What we do for your full-service maintenance

What we do for your full-service maintenance

Our full-service boat repairs and maintenance services include:

  • Spark plug replacements
  • Lower gear oil changes
  • Water pump impeller changes
  • Battery testing
  • Hose checks
We also specialize in fuel water separator changes. No matter what kind of boat repairs you need, you can count on our experts to tackle them with ease.