Protect Your Boat All Winter Long

Look into boat winterization services in Willis, TX

Once boating season ends and you're done using your boat for the winter, make sure you protect it from harsh winter weather with boat winterization services from Conroe Marine. We'll come to your home or dock in or around Willis, TX. We make sure your boat is protected inside and out with our boat covering services.

The best part about having your boat winterized is that once spring rolls back around, your boat will be ready to get back out on the water.

What to expect with boat winterization

What to expect with boat winterization

Our boat winterization services involve:

  • Replacing the oil
  • Flushing and draining cooling water
  • Stabilizing fuel
  • Protecting internal engine components with fogging oil spray
  • Replacing gear oil
  • Cleaning and waxing boat exterior
  • Covering your boat
Investing in boat coating services will protect your boat from damage while it's not in use. An unexpected freeze can do serious damage to your boat if you neglect winterizing it. Contact us today to have your boat winterized.